My name is Jesús, and I'm a self-taught web developer that uses React, JavaScript, and plain CSS & HTML to build cool things.

Latest Work

Screenshot of the Silicia website that shows four handbags with a white background

La Silicia

Designed, and developed this simple page to showcase the customer's products, details, and prices. The site was developed using NextJS, and SCSS. It also uses Sanity.io so that the customer can manage the content.

Screenshot of Termica Soluciones website

Térmica Soluciones

Designed by an agency called Metamorfosis. I developed this one-page website for an up and coming company that specializes in thermal solutions. Their main objective with the webiste was to have a place where their customers could find all their services, and contact information.


Last Side Project

Screenshot of the Room homepage challenge from Frontend Mentor


This is a solution for the Room Homepage challenge from Frontend Mentor. This solution gives you the optimal layout depending on the screen of the device. The slider was made with pure JS and uses Parcel.js as a bundler.

Recent Blogs

Couple of people writing in a paper on a desk with two laptops on the side

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Learn how to configure Next and Netlify to receive updates from Sanity in production


Screenshot of Google Chrome showing a GitHub repository

Parcel Template Project

Learn how to create your own Parcel Template for future projects.


Picture of a lot cardboard boxes pilled up

Parcel is better than Gulp, for me at least

Why I don't use Gulp anymore? Why Parcel and how to use it?