Hola, I am Jesús.

Web designer & front-end developer based in México.

Latest Work

Expresa Foods

I designed and developed this simple but elegant website for a small family-owned Mexican food place. The main idea of the page was to show any general information, as well as the menu and location.

Ilex Muebles

This simple design was created for an architect that designs and manufactures custom made wood furniture. The objective with this one was just to have a place where he could show his customers old designs, and a place where his customers could find his contact information.

Personal Portfolio

I designed and developed this website, it's the 2020 renewal. The main objective is to show you what I've been doing lately, officially, and just for fun.
Just 4 Fun


I'm a self-taught front-end web developer based in Guadalajara, Mexico. With a degree in Electronic Engineering I discover my passion for web development while I was searching for something new to learn. Always liked the idea of creating something out of nowhere, and webdev gave me just that by pushing me to improve my creativity and also the logic side of things. Now I do web development as a freelancer, and sometimes for marketing agencies.

I still work full time as a Field Applications Engineer for a rep company. But spend my free time studying to become a full stack web dev (first React and then Node, maybe), hanging out with my wife, my dogs, and playing basketball.


Like everybody else, I’m not good at most things I do, but here are some that I’ve been told the contrary:

Problem Solving
You know, take problems, requirements and break them down into steps and most important, solutions.

System Thinking
Abstract thinking, definetely a need when you have to convert many moving parts into a one big thing

I can manage myself, work to deadlines, organise projects and present well-structured deliverables

Let's talk
New project, any freelance inquiry or even a coffee, hit me up in the form below or send me an email