How do you guys do it?


Mobile phone in hand with Twitter App open

How do you guys do it?

How do you don't compare yourself with others?

How do you open Twitter every day and not feel overwhelmed with the amount of success?

How do you see everybody talking around, making connections, and don't feel left out?

How do you see all these nice desktop setups and don't feel the shame of yours?

How do you overcome this idea in your head that says you don't know shit?

How do you master all these different languages and technologies in your spare time?

How do you get from nothing to a job offer within a year and with a 9-to-5?

How do you release all these incredible websites and apps every week?

How do you come up with innovative ideas?

How do you get over the typical "Unfortunately, we will not be moving forward with your application?

How do you jump over the first barrier, when you are self-taught?

How do you know when you know enough?

How do you prove them wrong?